The Suburbs

The Suburbs formed in 2010, centering around former TowerBlocks and ZusammRottung front man Holgi. Also on board are Schneider, guitarist with mod band The Pikes, and a couple of songwriters from the first TowerBlocks LP, 'Praise your Ghetto', Volker (former No Exit) and Tobi (ZusammRottung, Commando, former OXO86).

Together, they revive the 1977 Punk Rock spirit, with an added dash of 80s Streetpunk/Oi!. It's not exactly pure coincidence that their sound recalls bands like the Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Last Resort or the Cockney Rejects!

The lyrics either address social issues, or everything that goes with the punk rock lifestyle, in an ironic, satirical, sometimes even cynical way. They are about binge drinking 10 to 15-year-olds, for example (Generation Wodka), but also about the burn-out risk run by teachers ('Teacher, teacher, you better quit your job!'). Don't worry, though, their repertoire includes a few anthems to sing along to ('I’m addicted to Oi!') as well!

Meet the boys!
Drink with the boys!
Have an Oi! Punk Party!

Holgi Voc.
Schneider Git.
Tobi Bass
Volker Drums